Cape Breton's Heritage Coast

Live Music: Kitchen Rackets 2011

Bring an instrument and join local musicians making music together at a Kitchen Racket!

Richmond County is a great place to hear great music on Cape Breton Island!

Kitchen Racket Open Jam Session:

Saturday April 23, 3 pm - 5 pm
at the MacBouch Restaurant and Tavern
Grenville St., St. Peter's

Kitchen Rackets create opportunities for musicians to meet and play with each other and especially to encourage young members of our community to develop their musical talents by playing with a diverse group of musicians. Residents and visitors are all welcome to attend as participants or listeners.

Kitchen Racket Format:

• Each session is hosted by a musician who will keep order and act as MC

• Players will generally be seated in a circle or arc, so they can see and hear each other

• Going around the circle clockwise, each player will take their turn to lead one song, tune, or medley of their choice, suitable for others to join in

• As new players join the circle, they will take their turn in the order of clockwise rotation. The rotation continues and repeats as time permits

• Stationary microphones and sound system/monitor will be provided when necessary

• No amplified instruments other than electric bass and keyboards, please

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